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We would like to welcome you to Holland Dairy Foods (HDF), a Dutch brand of Farmel Dairy Business. The Netherlands is famous for its excellence in the dairy sector. HDF was founded to bring dairy products to as many country as possible outside of the EU. Today we have local distribution networks in the Middle East, Africa and India. We also cover the rest of the world through our head quarters in the Netherlands.

As well as being famous for its green meadows, windmills, tulips and, of course, dairy cows, Holland is by far the country with the most highly developed dairy sector. It is also the market leader in terms of food safety and quality. Farmel Dairy Business is located in the green north part of the Netherlands and surrounded by meadows where cows graze.

The many years of experience have enabled us to build a wide knowledge in dairy products allowing us us to provide added value services and professional advice. We can address most specific needs when it comes to dairy products and ingredients. Our goal is to create long term win-win relationships and provide quality products with service excellence.



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B2B and B2C

In the upcoming pages we will introduce the main business to business products first. Our B2B sales team can send a sample and a specification of all of these products directly to you. Furthermore we can offer you business to consumer products under our brand name Tulip Milk like tins and pouches of several milk powders. Next to this we are developing our own line of dairy care products under the name of Tulip Milk. These products are for special groups of costumers such as infants, elderly or lactose intolerant people.

300 million litres of raw cow milk per year.


HDF’s mother company, Farmel Dairy Business, collects over 300 million litres of fresh cow milk per year from its own farms. Additionally Farmel also collects organic cow milk, goat milk and trades other dairy liquids. This means that when you deal with HDF you are also dealing with a company that collects and sells raw milk to factories producing cheese and milk powder.

Our vertical and horizontal approach allows us to provide our clients with in-depth knowledge about dairy products and build very strong relationships with all types of dairy factories we supply.

We mostly trade transformed products produced by factories we supply with raw material. HDF also commissions some factories to produce products as per our client’s requirements. Our employees are fully trained and have detailed knowledge of the different uses and applications of dairy powders, fluids, cheeses and butters. At Holland Dairy Foods we all work hard to provide you with the right advice concerning all our products.


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